Jack Bentall

Traditional Tattoo

Neo Traditional Tattoo

Japanese Tattoo

Hi I’m Jack, tattoo artist at Till Death and I’m 24 going on 40. Fear not though, what I don’t have in hair I make up for in sass and sick tats. 

Born and raised in the super city metropolis of New Zealand, the mighty Levin, in 2015 I ascended from my former shell and left home to further my passions of art and skateboarding, leading me to art school and shattered dreams in Wellington. But in 2017 the tat realm came knocking, so off to the big smoke I went, leaving behind my friends, my degree and my dignity and what a ride it’s been. 

I’m now three years deep, recently completed my formal training, and starting to focus on developing a style of my own, infused with all I’ve learned from American Traditional, Neo Traditional and Japanese tattoo study. Here’s to dipping and ripping all the way to the grave, but don’t worry, I’m taking walk ups in hell. 

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