• Do you take walk ins?

    We do when we can but can’t guarantee we’ll have an artist available at all times, or that the artist who is free is going to be the best suited to the type of design you want. As such we recommend booking ahead of time. Availability varies throughout the year and is different for each artist, but we can usually fit you in within 1-2 weeks on weekdays, and 3-4 weeks on weekends

  • How old do I need to be to get a tattoo?

    We won't tattoo anyone under the age of 18 and valid photo ID must be provided on request. This includes NZ Drivers license, HANZ 18+ card or a passport. if photo ID can't be provided we can't tattoo you. If we can't go through with the tattoo for this reason your deposit will be lost so please come prepared.

  • What’s the best way to book in for a tattoo?

    You’re welcome to come by the shop any time and discuss your ideas and get booked in. Online the best way is through our booking form below or by emailing info@tildeathtattoo.com. Booking via phone can be hard as we can’t see or share images to get an accurate idea of what you’re after so we prefer in person or email.   

    To make it easy for us when emailing please include as much information as possible so we can book you in with the best artist for the job. Helpful information includes a good description of your idea, what style you’d like, if you prefer colour or black and grey, rough size, placement on your body (with a photo of the area is best), if you have a budget, and what days and times suit you best. For continuing existing work please include a photo of the tattoo..

  • How much do you charge?

    Consultations are free of charge! We do require a $50-200 deposit afterwards though if you’d like to book the tattoo and your artist to start working on your design. 

    For small tattoos have a minimum charge of $160 - this is to ensure you get the best quality tattoo using top quality materials, and a single use sterile set up for a safe, comfortable tattoo. 

    Small to medium sized single session tattoos are quoted based on a number of factors including size, placement, detail and colours. We can give a rough idea in person or via email but for an accurate quote we usually require a consultation first.

    Large scale work, anything over a few hours is charged by the hour, at a rate of $180/hr or for long sessions (6+ hours) our full day rate is $1000.  

  • What should I do before the tattoo?

    It is important to prepare your body for a new tattoo by eating and resting well coming up to the appointment. Have some food before you come and bring a sugary snack or drink to keep your energy levels up. The more rested you are the easier the tattoo will be. 

    Avoid alcoholic beverages for 48 hours before and avoid blood thinning pain killers or over the counter numbing creams as they can negatively effect the tattoo process. 

  • What happens if I need to move or cancel my appointment?

    If you'd like to move your appointment, just let us know 48 hours before so we have enough time to try and fill the slot. Please try to keep to your appointments though, a few last minute cancellations in a week can really have a big impact an artists working week as we work on commission and finding someone to fill the slot last minute can be difficult. If less than sufficient notice is given you will need to pay a new deposit to rebook. All deposits are non-refundable and in the event of a cancellation they help to cover the artists time spent drawing. 

  • How do I look after a new tattoo?

    We offer two different methods of aftercare depending on your preference, the classic keeping it clean and applying some cream method, or a more alternative approach with a clear adhesive second skin bandage that keeps it covered and protected while it heals. 

    Regardless of your choice we provide you with a detailed run down on the day and a take home sheet to refresh your memory. We sell aftercare cream and second skin in store ranging from $10-30 dependent on the size of your tattoo.

    For both methods it’s important to avoid swimming, direct sunlight and excessive exercise while it heals so plan this into your schedule for a week or two after the tattoo date. 

  • What happens if my tattoo needs touch ups?

    We offer free touch ups to any tattoo done by one of our artists, within one year of it being tattooed. It’s important to come back soon after it healing when possible, as touching up an old tattoo will result in the fresh touch ups looking a different colour to the aged pigment of the rest of it. Any touch ups due to damage caused by neglecting aftercare instructions, such as sunburn or damage from picking and scratching will be done at your own expense.

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