1. Consultations

Our process usually starts with a free consultation. This gives you a good opportunity to sit down with the artist most suited to the type of tattoo you want, and discuss the everything you want from your new tattoo.

During this time we’ll go over your ideas and any references, and offer suggestions for the best way to bring your tattoo to life. We’ll also often take photos or a tracing of the area in order to achieve a perfect fit.

Once you’re happy with the direction, we can finalise booking details and begin designing your tattoo. If you’d like to see your design before the day we can book a separate time for that, just ask your artist as we don’t do this by default, most people see their designs on the day.

2. Before-hand

Coming up to the day of your tattoo it’s important to take care of your body to help it cope with the pain and heal easily. Try to reduce your stress levels as much as possible, sleep well, eat well and drink lots of water. It’s a good idea to have a big breakfast on the day and avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours before as it can thin your blood. If you’re on any medication be sure to advise your artist ahead of time too.

It’s good to be as mentally prepared as you can too, as a lot of pain management is in your head. Being a little scared is fine, they do hurt after all, but don’t worry too much, it’s a very tolerable pain and our artist will guide you through the process, taking breaks as necessary.

3. Tattooing Day

On the day you’ll get to see your final line design and we can make any small changes required to get it perfect. Once you’re happy we’ll need a little time to prepare your stencil and set up last minute things like machines and inks, so just relax and we’ll call you over when it’s time.

Before starting we’ll clean your skin with alcohol to remove any bacteria, then apply a carbon transfer/stencil onto the area so you can see the tattoo on your body before we begin. Once you’re happy with the placement it just needs a little time to dry before we get started.

In most cases we work in stages, starting with the outlines, then black shading, followed by colour or lighter greys and white highlights. We can take breaks between these stages if you like or for larger tattoos we can complete it over multiple sessions, but please note at minimum the outlines need to be completed in one session.

4. After-Care

You made it! Now that it’s complete we’ll clean your tattoo thoroughly and take a photo, then run you through how to take care of it. We offer two different methods and can provide various healing products for $10-30 depending on your preference.

It’s important you follow the aftercare instructions to protect against infection during the healing process and to keep it looking great over time. If once it’s healed anything isn’t perfect, come back and see us within the year for a free touch up. Making sure you love your new piece is our top priority.

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